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As life long motorcycle enthusiasts, we understand first hand the challenges involved in many of the disciplines that exist. Whether this be on or off road, competition or leisure riding, regular maintenance is a fundamental aspect of motorcycling – like it or not!

Through our own experiences, and that of our customers, we have built up an extensive range of Lubricating Oil, Maintenance Fluids, Aerosols & Cleaning Chemicals to offer optimum performance & protection. These have been tried & tested across a host of two wheeled activities (& four wheeled if you include quads!) such as:-

  • Motocross
  • Enduro
  • Hare & Hounds
  • Trials
  • Circuit Racing
  • Road Racing
  • Track Day / Performance
  • Road Bikes
  • Touring
  • Scooters

We also offer Lubricating Oils specifically developed for Vintage / Classic Motorcycles – Please refer to our ‘Classic / Vintage’ section for more details.

Although some products within our range are not specifically marketed to the motorcycle market, we guarantee that they will outperform many that are, at a fraction of the cost. Others, such as the Q8Oils & Morris range of Motorcycle Lubricants, have an enviable reputation built up from success on the race track & proven performance in the market place.

Many of the most popular items within the Motorcycle range can be found listed in this section. However, if you can’t find what you are looking for or require details on any other specific product please get in touch.

Q8 MOTO SBK Racing 10w/50 (Fully Synthetic)
An ultra high performance synthetic engine oil for motorcycles with race proven technology compatible with wet clutch systems requiring JASO MA2, SAE 10w/50. It is an extreme high performance four stroke, synthetic motor bike engine oil for all riding conditions including off-road and endurance and is recommended for the latest high performance, multi-valve engines with catalyst.

Available in 4 & 1 litre Pack Size

Q8 MOTO SBK 10w/40 (Semi Synthetic)
A high performance semi-synthetic engine oil for motorcycles with wet clutch systems requiring JASO MA2, SAE 10w/40. It is designed for all types of air cooled and water cooled four stroke motor cycle engines requiring JASO MA2 performance and is recommended for severe everyday use motor bikes.

Available in 20, 4 & 1 litre Pack Size

Two Stroke  
Q8 MOTO RS Extreme
An Ultra High Performance, fully synthetic two-stroke gasoline engine lubricant for air or water cooled engines running severe operating conditions and with lean oil/fuel mixtures of 2% or as recommended by the manufacturer. Q8 RS Extreme may be used in high performance, non outboard, two-stroke gasoline engines with pre-mix or oil injection systems. Specially recommended for karting, off-road and road racing. Suitable for use with leaded or lead-free gasoline.
Exceeds API-TC, SAE Fluidity/Miscibility class 3, ISO EGD engine performance

Available in 4 & 1 litre Pack Size

Light Gear Oil  
Morris Drive Light Gear Oil 75w
A semi-synthetic light gear oil for use where 75w (gearbox) or 10w/40 viscosity oils are recommended.

Available in 4 & 1 litre Pack Size

Suspension Fluids  
Morris Race Shock & Fork Oil 5, 10, 15 & 20 wt
High VI Shock & Fork Oils for all road and off-road motorcycles. All grades can be freely mixed for ultimate performance.

Morris Dexron II
Recommended as a fork oil in certain Beneli, BSA, Cagiva, Morini, Moto Guzzi, Suzuki and Triumph motorcycles.

Available in 4 & 1 litre Pack Size

Foam Filter Oil  
Morris Race Foam Filter Oil
A super tacky foam filter treatment which effectively stops the ingress of sand, dirt and dust into the engine.

Available in 1 litre Pack Size

Soluble Degreasing Fluid  
JP Oils Soluble Oil Cleaner
A fantastically versatile product which can be used in a number of applications, from a general purpose, highly effective degreasing agent to a superb water washable Filter Cleaner.

Available in 5 & 25 litres

Biodegradable Bike Wash  
JP Oils Sparkle 71
Don’t be fooled by the non bike related packaging, we have extensively used this product for over 10 years in both on & off road applications with stunning results. Safe to use on sensitive materials such as aluminium, Sparkle 71 effectively & safely removes all types of mud, dirt, oil, grease & grime without the need for aggressive caustic chemical additives. Biodegradable & with added wax for enhanced finish, Sparkle 71 is a great value product that can also be used in a host of other Cleaning Applications.

Available in 5 & 25 litres

Maintenance Aerosols  
Popular Items include:
  • WD-40 Type Maintenance Spray
  • Fast Dry Industrial Cleaner
  • Copper Anti Seize
  • White Grease with Teflon
  • Silicone Lubricant
  • Clear Chain Lube
  • Carb Cleaner

Many other Products available. Great discounts available on full box orders (12 x 400ml Aerosols per box) which can also be achieved through mixed box orders (A full box made up of various aerosol products).

Ancillary Products  

Other products that may also be of interest


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