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Extensive range of High Quality Lubricating Oil & Grease
Express Same / Next Day 6 Day Week Delivery Facility
Red Diesel & Kerosene in 200 litre barrels
Tried & Tested range of Cost Effective Cleaning Chemicals & Hygiene Products
Vast selection of Manual, Air Operated & Electric Handling & Dispensing Equipment
Spill Containment Solutions & Fuel Oil Storage to suit every requirement
Fuchs, Q8Oils, Morris Oils, Petro Canada, Exol Lubricants, Millers Oils, JP Oils & more...

Products to cater for every requirement across a multitude of applications.

Comprehensive Technical Backup & Assistance

Friendly & Efficient Customer Service

Save £££’s on the Pump Prices

Available for a variety of Non Highway Applications

Traffic Film Remover, Degreasing Fluid, Screenwash, Handcleaner, Aluminium Wheel & Chassis Cleaner, Barrier Cream...

Samples Available – Try Before you Buy

Sourced from a Leading UK Based Manufacturer

Repair & Upgrade Service – Full Parts Inventory Available

Spill Pallets, Spill Kits, Spill Trays, Spill Granules, Waste Oil Tanks....

Store Safely & legally to prevent costly mishaps

EXOL Gulf Q8 Oils Petro-Canada Millers Oils Morris Lubricants Samoa